Tuesday 27 September 08:00-19:00 Rally HQ operational hours Tokachi Plaza
Start of reconnaissance Refer to Section 11.4
09:00-19:00 Administrative checks, collection of material for competitors, service vehicle registration Competition Secretariat1st Floor Rally HQ
Rally Japan Yokoso Party Tokachi Plaza
Wednesday 28 September 08:00 Reconnaissance continues Refer to Section 11.4
08:00 Opening of Media Centre 1st (ground) floor Tokachi Plaza
09:00-21:30 Scrutineering, marking and sealing (time for P1 vehicle certification and component sealing to be agreed with FIA Technical Delegate) Kita Aikoku Service Park
16:00 Publication of start list for the Ceremonial Start Official Notice Board
Thursday 29 September 08:00-11:00 Shakedown for P1 drivers New Tokapci
09:30-11:00 Shakedown for P2 drivers New Tokapci
11:30-13:00 Shakedown for P3 drivers New Tokapci
12:30 FIA Pre-event media conference followed by P3 media conference Media Centre
16:00 Publication of Start List for Leg 1 Official Notice Board
18:30-21:00 Rally Show and Ceremonial Start Central Obihiro
Friday 30 September 06:00 Start of Leg 1 Pawse Kamuy
19:36 First car into overnight parc ferme Kita Aikoku Service Park
22:00 Publication of start list for Leg 2 Official Notice Board
Saturday 1 October 06:30 Start of Leg 2 Sinotcaki
19:14 First car into End of Leg Service Kita Aikoku Service Park
22:00 Publication of start list for Leg 3 Official Notice Board
Sunday 2 October 06:30 Start of Leg 3 Panke Nikorpet
15:00 Finish ceremony and prize giving Kita Aikoku Service Park
15:30 Final scrutineering Kita Aikoku Service Park
16:00 Final media conference Media Centre
18:00 Publication of final provisional classifications Official Notice Board
19:30 Farewell party
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